To install gpCAM do the following:

  1. make sure you have Python >=3.7 installed

  2. open a terminal

  3. create a python environment: e.g. "python3 -m venv test_env", for conda: conda create --name my_cool_venv_name python=3.8

  4. activate the environment: "source ./test_env/bin/activate", conda: activate my_cool_venv_name (Windows) and source activate my_cool_venv_name (Mac, Linux)

  5. type "pip install gpcam"

  6. if any problems occur, update pip "pip install --upgrade pip", setuptools "pip install --upgrade setuptools" and repeat step 5, or try installing from source: "python -m pip install git+"

To test your installation, either run the following script in Python or iPython:

from tests.test_gpcam import TestgpCAM

a = TestgpCAM()


Or pull the code from the repository and check out ./tests/test_notebook with jupyter notebook.

To use the software version of gpCAM or have a closer look at the tests, do the following:

  1. download the code via: "git clone"

  2. go to the parent directory

  3. cd scripts

  4. vim (open the configuration file, change it with your favorite editor)

  5. run "python"